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Namaste and Sawasdee khrap. My name is Robert and I am a storyteller from Germany. I am currently on a mission to connect the world and I’d love you to be part of it! You can find more depicted stories about and from me on my blog

What currently occupies my mind and time:

Floating trash!

What started last year in 2016 as a pilot project by crazy world-improvers, is going to be continued even bigger this year! Open-Island 2017 goes Ferropolis part 2.

During splash!20 and Melt! 2017, two major music festivals on a lovely peninsula in the midst of Eastern Germany, an art and maker-collective now known under the name Makers 4 humanity are going to construct a floating Island made out of the TRASH OF SOCIETY.

One question remains: Will it float?

You can catch a first impression about our last year’s construction in the aftermovie of Melt! 2016

Now that the introduction is all done let’s continue with some more about myself as an individual and why You as this is what this page is all about!

Let’s start with my (soft-)

Creating shiny eyes has never been so easy and hard at the same time as it is in the age of social media.
In this world, we must support dreams.
To inspire is my goal.
Eating is my cause.
I will battle every day
to claim my rightful plate.
Come with me, the time is right!
There’s no better team to dream!

Life on its own can sometimes feel like porridge. Porridge without sugar, cinnamon or even 2 slices of freshly picked apple. It is the stories our mind makes up around all those crazy experiences one lives through day per day which make the porridge an enjoyable porridge!

Stories are the apples, the cinnamon and the sugar of the porridge! I want to bring a little bit of magic back to our world and am your designated guide for mind adventures!


  • Motivation 100%
  • Mind Adventures 90%
  • Self Development 86%
  • Web design 75%
  • Eating 95%
  • Creative Writing 92,65%
  • Sarcasm 50%
Besides creating innovative CVs, travelling and
collecting new experiences are my #1 hobby.
To tune you in, let me take you on a nail-biting
adventure through India’s oldest holy city.

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy! (CLICK the Pic!)

Some of my other                Experiences

  • January 2017 

    Impact in Varanasi

    Makers for humanity showcase a social entrepreneurial project in one of the world’s oldest cities. Goal: Connecting local solution seekers to an international audience and floating the Indian-German Kiosk on the Ganges. That works? That works!

  • September – December 2016 

    The Children of Lan Na

    Winning with high promises. Dong, Sanya and Chana. The 3 musketeers of OCN Thailand, a children rights NGO based in lovely Chiang Rai working eagerly for little humans. 
    We also organized a multinational event under the umbrella ‘World Health Innovation Summit’
    Small team, big Impact!


  • 15. September 2016

    Rooting Robert

    One week before my flight to Thailand I decided to get a blog. Said done. Launched it one hour before departure and now RootingRobert enjoys being in the realms of the Internet!


  • July – 2016

    Will it float?

    During two major festivals, we constructed a floating hexagonal island out of upcycled material in Ferropolis, Germany. Working under those circumstances? School of Life.


  • October – 2013

    Vegan Reloveution

    Once upon a time, there was a loving couple motivated to make people high. Not through drugs, food is the answer! 
    A couple on the brink of starting a vegan catering business.
    I sneaked in somehow


  • April – 2013 

    A Better World

    The world was moving, so I moved both of my juicy buttocks. Once a week I went to demonstrate. Oh, did I not know how this little step should change my little world.


  • 1997 – 2013 

    Another Life

    The experiences gathered from the moment of my birth up until a better world are so diverse and dense from the current ones.
    How about getting to know this part of me while sitting at a bonfire?

What about jungle-pomelos?



My life’s philosophy and a small briefing about my academic background


  • 1997 – 2017

    Lass mal machen!

    Where do we learn most from? Life and what comes with it of course!

    “Nobody has done it yet? Let’s do it!” aka. Lass mal machen!


  • 2016

    Almost Biologist

    There was a time where I when to university. A university surrounded not by sky touching mountains but heart touching people. Yet I discovered learning in a static environment not to be my way of gathering understanding.


  • 2015

    School’s over

    I went to school, did my A-levels and escaped into a relatively free world.


  • Before

    Preschool and basic surviving skills

    How to eat properly and how to handle people.


Although I am not the best lead manufacturer I love to create valuable content people can learn from and implement it into their daily life.

While traveling, being in touch with the local people creates some of the most memorable experiences you will take home. Ever!

A big key to people’s heart is respect. A good way to show respect and effort can be shown through learning the local



and therefore create



And can be so inspirational!
You just have to listen.

That’s all for now.
Das wars von meiner Seite.



I hope you enjoyed your stay here, going
through my past, present, and my
potential future.

Are you interested in working
with me or got some feedback?

Let’s connect!

Line: rootingrobert

Ich schreibe auch auf


Thank you for Being!