Robert Adolf

Kingdom Creator

Namaste and Sawatdee khrap

  • Taking consciousness on adventures
  • Eating
  • Sleeping

Life on its own can be pretty boring right? It is the stories our mind makes up around all those crazy experiences one lives through day per day! I want to bring a little bit more magic back to our world and am your guide for mind adventures!


  • Motivation 100%
  • Mind Adventures 90%
  • Self development 86%
  • Web Design 75%
  • Sarcasm 80%
  • Eating 95%
  • Creative Writing 92,65%


  • January 2017

    Impact in Varanasi

    Makers for humanity showcase a social entrepreneurial project in one of the world’s oldest cities. Goal: Connecting local solution seekers to an international audience.

  • September – December 2016

    The Children of Lan Na

    Winning with high promises. Dong, Sanya and Chana. The 3 musketeers of OCN Thailand, a children rights NGO based in lovely Chiang Rai working eagerly for little humans.
    We also organized a multinational event under the umbrella ‘World Health Innovation Summit’
    Small team, big Impact!


  • 15. September 2016

    Rooting Robert

    One week before my flight to Thailand I decided to get a blog. Said done. Launched it one hour before departure and now RootingRobert enjoys being in the realms of the Internet!


  • July 2016

    Will it float? Open-Island GER

    During two major festivals, we constructed a floating hexagonal island out of upcycled material in Ferropolis, Germany. Working under those circumstances? School of Life.

  •  2013 

  • Vegan Reloveution

    Once upon a time, there was a loving couple motivated to make people high. Not through drugs, food is the answer!
    A couple on the brink of starting a vegan catering business.
    I sneaked in somehow

  • 2013 

    A better World

    Once a week I went to demonstrate. Oh, I did not know how this little step should change my little world. 

    1997 – 2013

    Another Life

    The experiences gathered from the moment of my birth up until a better world are so diverse and dense from my 
    Why not getting to know this part of me while sitting at a bonfire?


  • 1997 – 2017

    Lass mal machen! 

    Where do we learn most from? Life and what comes with it of course!
    “Nobody has done it yet? Let’s do it!” aka. Lass mal machen!


  • 2016

    Almost Biologist

    There was a time where I went to university. A university surrounded by not sky touching mountains but heart touching people. Yet I discovered, learning in a static environment not to be my way of gathering knowledge.

  • 2015

    School’s over

    I went to school, did my A-levels and escaped this prison!

  • Before

    Preschool and basic survival skills

    How to eat properly and how to handle people.


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